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Tafwyl is Menter Caerdydd's annual Welsh language arts & culture festival...a huge Welsh party for everyone! 

The festival was established following the demand from Cardiff residents for a festival to raise the profile of Welsh in the capital city. The growth of the number of Welsh speakers in Cardiff in the past few years has been astounding with an increase from 18,000 speakers in 1999 to 32,500 in 2001. The Welsh language continues to thrive in the city and the 2011 census showed yet another increase in Welsh speakers, and with a total of 36,735 Welsh speakers in Cardiff, there is obviously a huge demand for a Welsh festival in the city.


Tafwy’s main event is Tafwyl Fair, which has developed since 2006 as a fun-filled day which is a combination of artistic, musical, cultural, and sport events all through the Welsh language. In 2011, with 2,700 attendees, Tafwyl Fair became too large for its location in the Mochyn Du Tavern in Sofia Gardens, therefore a more suitable location was needed for the Festival in 2012. Since 2012, Tafwyl has been part of Cardiff Festival – a collection of events from June to September throughout Cardiff, and Tafwyl’s current location is one of Wales’ main

In 2015 the main aim was to build on the festival’s success by holding the event over two days once again at one of Wales’ main heritage attractions – Cardiff Castle – as well as keeping the event free of charge.


Tafwyl 2015 was attended by 35,500 people (over 9 days), an increase of 90% compared with the 18,717 that attended in 2014. Tafwyl Fair was attended by 22,000 on the Saturday and 12,000 on the Sunday. The target audience number was 25,000 – with the actual figure 54% higher than expected. Attendance during the week’s fringe festival was also high with 1,500 enjoying 29 events across the city. The total footfall for Tafwyl Fair and the Tafwyl Fringe Festival therefore was over 35,500.



30th of June and 1st of July - 11 - 21:00

As always the festival will be bringing a dazzling array of some of the biggest names in Welsh arts, culture & sports to Cardiff; along with an excellent street food area.

Entry to the festival at Llandaff Fields is free & open to all – being a Welsh speaker or not. It's a great event for families, Welsh learners & people experiencing Welsh language & culture for the very first time.




For more information: 029 2068 9888
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